Financial Reporting

DocSavy sums the values for each folder, based on:
  • How the docs are set up
  • Their statuses
  • If the company is the buyer or the seller
Giving financial reporting data like:
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Current contract amounts
  • Open offers
  • Many more

Contract Management

Setting up folders for each contract of work, and docs for:
  • Contracts
  • Change order requests
  • Requests for information
  • Change orders
can build reports of live data with all the information needed to manage a project.


Every folder in DocSavy can have a budget to help forecast hours and cost. Budgets define the tasks for purchasing and all other financial transactions. DocSavy makes it easy to report actual costs to compare them against budgets.


Quotes can be attached to purchase orders that are linked to a budget item. Supplier invoices can be attached to purchase orders. Your process can request approval from whichever team member is required, before sending it to a bookkeeper to process payment. DocSavy even warns if the supplier invoice makes the total payment too far over the purchase order amount.

Asset Management

In DocSavy, an assets can be a folder for a building, a vehicle, a single piece of equipment, or a tool. DocSavy stores detailed information on each asset on the folder. The folder can have catalog items attached. For example, these items can be the vehicle itself as well as the radio in that vehicle. The folders store any documents associated with that asset and can link to project folders for any work that the company performed on the asset. Company vehicles and tools are managed based on who they are assigned to, service requirements and history. lifetime costs can all be found in DocSavy. Customer information like service requirements, and service histories can also be reported in DocSavy.


Drawings can be huge raster or vector files that DocSavy creates the smallest possible preview for. These previews are delivered one page at a time, so they can be viewed with any internet connection speed. You can open a one thousand page document in the same time you can open a one page document. No quality is lost and the drawings can even be plotted from the preview.


Knowing what questions have been asked and ensuring that those questions get answered, is critical to every project. DocSavy will share that information with all parties in the field, the office, or to any person you want to give permissions to. DocSavy helps store and track all answered and unanswered questions, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

Service History

Being able to pull up a history of all the work your company has done on an asset, is invaluable. DocSavy allows users to list all project folders associated to an asset, giving service technicians the power to see trends, diagnose issues, and inform customers.

Project Documents

Having access to the right information in the field is crucial. DocSavy gives access control on doc and folder types across the whole company, based on a user's role on a folder. This can even control the visibility of docs by their status so that filed hands can only see the current approved documents the office needs them to see.

Warranty Information

DocSavy has period docs that have a start date, and a role to notify before they expire. Warranty certificate docs do the same for a whole buildings, or a list of asset items that are warrantied. With these features, service technicians can see what is warrantied on a job and, if required, a company user can be reminded before a warranty runs out.