Easy to Locate Documents and Files

DocSavy tags business data to help the client easily find documents by where they are, what they are, and where they are in their life cycles. There are no complex query tools just a familiar, Windows-Explorer-like interface with search boxes on every column.

Create Your Own Documents

Many company documents are just forms. Many users only use office to complete company forms. DocSavy makes it easy for users to complete company forms from within DocSavy. Use any office product to produce your own templates so your users can create form-type documents with DocSavy. These templates can include DocSavy data or custom variables that your users can complete from within DocSavy.

Ease of Use

There is no doubt that using a new system or moving from existing system is daunting. We have taken the time to make sure that DocSavy seems familiar to users. Online training videos make it even easy to learn.


Workflows can be setup to ensure appropriate approvals on any doc or folder type. The auditing system records all edits made to documents and folders. Questions are sent to in-boxes and remain there until answered.

Financial Columns

The values of documents in DocSavy are grouped depending on their type and status to show 24 different totals for all docs in the folder, including: accounts payable, accounts receivable, open offers, and current contract amounts.

Constantly Backed-Up

Because DocSavy stores all your documents in the cloud, you don’t have to maintain your own backups – we do it for you.

Company Wide Permissions

Many systems require permissions to be set on every document as it is created. In DocSavy, permissions are set for each type of document, so the same roles can view or edit a type of document across the whole company.


Every Doc and Folder in DocSavy has a status. These statuses are there to define where the doc or folder is in its life-cycle. Statuses are also used to create workflows to reflect your company’s processes.

Page-on-Demand Viewing

DocSavy has developed a page-on-demand system so that each page is delivered separately to speed-up the viewing experience.

Period Docs

Licenses, permits and some other documents expire, in DocSavy period and warranty certificates can be given start and end dates, as well as a notice period and a role to notify before they expire. This will help ensure that you never miss a renewal.

Relationship Management

DocSavy has a folder class to store relevant information on customers, vendors, suppliers, or subcontractors. These folders include fields for credit limits, terms of payment and statement dates. The folders should be used for storing agreements, request for information, and costs relating to the relationship.


DocSavy associates supplier invoices to purchase orders automatically, but a user can associate any doc or folder to any other doc or folder in the system.